Time Management

As one who works on his own, from 6am to 7pm daily, and most weekends, as a non-employer or employee my day is not much affected by the latest working time impact.

Watching the BBC News, with the inevitable twofer of the inevitable Sylvia Tidy Harris (Anti) and someone who thinks it's all terrific (Pro), I was struck by the bouffant and blonde Sofa Crew who noted they would not be enjoying such flexibility. So there are exceptions.

I really feel for any small business with this welter of employee-friendly legislation that thrusts the onus of making life easier almost totally on the time and pocket books of those... providing employment.

While creating a nice environment is obviously essential to attracting and keeping staff, frankly with times getting harder and a lot more folk chasing a lot fewer jobs, I am not so sure market forces are necessarily operating in favour of those demanding concessions.

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