'I'm glad you asked me that, Me'

‘Brown goes YouTube

'...I noticed that Nodrog was NOT promising to answer anything, merely stating that the wider population should have an opportunity to pose questions.'

Ahhh, there we have it. More listening. No actual hearing. And certainly no blooming answering, unless it's to very carefully vetted questions from doubtless seeded questioners. Just like, as pointed out, DC.

But big up to Dear Lead...er... follower for waiting long enough to ensure something is safe to emerge from the bunker when the rest of the world has moved on to deal with more pressing issues.

Gaurdian - What should we make of Brown's YouTube initiative? - Love it. A minor advisor posts a blog and it's deemed a PM 'initiative'. Love the new party emblem comment.

Gaurdian - Brown braves the online battle - 'Braves..' ???! I am actually finding this 'faux' listening and selective replying in the guise of 'answering' less honest than simply issuing edicts.

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