Listening but not hearing?

It seems the government is not the only one that says one thing but does (or does not do) another if it suits.

I blog on Newsnight a fair bit. One reason was that it had a live link so if people thought my comments had merit they could find my site.

That has now gone, it seems. There was recently a major upgrade, ostensibly to deal with some serious operational issues, but a lot of good babies got thrown out with the bathwater.

It's hard to see how it has worked. Well... comments are now well down, and a lot of serious commenters have departed. So I guess that's result for them.

Don't know about serious, but I am persistent. I raised some issues at the outset on Junkk Male Review, and then a few more. They seemed to get rather snitty. Then an IT poster raised some data security questions that an answer was promised on.

I saw none forthcoming, so I asked, and asked again (no 6). And now again (No 15).

'9. At 10:46 pm on 06 May 2008, PeterBarron wrote:

Yes, I'll be back. I have actually blogged since Carla - about the new blog.'

Super. Any chance of an answer (or pointing to where one was if I missed it) to Chloe-F's concerns on data security:

From No 25 on the 18th April -

I guess the live link is still not an option either? I suppose it's all still settling in, having seen some of the premoderated stuff that was allowed through and up which seemed to break every rule (can't speak for the stuff premoderated out of course, but it does seem interpretation is quite 'creative').

I feel a bit like JP asking over and over, but as it was offered it would be nice to know. Or are we in an era of 'listening but not hearing' Hoonian selectivity?

ps: Like Barrie, I also miss the preview.

None so deaf?

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