So little rare..

'Do you trust the media?'

What an extraordinary question. And in trying to answer it you seem to have ended up, with more than a slight personal bias in hot water... and with some justification.

Falling into the same potential trap of rampant generalities myself, for such a complex issue might I ask:

Which media?

Trust it to do/say what?

FWIW, if we're talking about any medium with a hint of an editorial agenda, and/or desire to drive ratings, I wouldn't trust any, any more, to report the accurate colours of black or white. At least, without not first getting at least half a dozen other sources in support first.

Whether that is down to bias or simply sloppy journalism is another issue, but these days I'd put such as the BBC and the Guardian pretty low on my totems for trust on objective accuracy or acceptably clear subjectivity by any measure of media value.

I used to trust a lot more... a lot more. That has now been erased by too many 'lessons learned', 'being looked ats' and other such trite, insincere mea culpas when truth went out the window to serve another master. And got caught out.

Glad you asked?

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