The left is right. Apparently.

And voters can't be trusted. Apparently.

Keeping class in the British classroom

I think this is where I was meant to end up having followed a trail from a homepage picture entitled 'Is meritocracy dead?'.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Mr. Johnson voted into his position by the majority in a democratic vote?

And is not Mr. Cameron doing quite well in the polls?

All for each to lose, but naked attempts at trying to justify 'we wuzz robbed' seems a little desperate on the parts of some in the media firmament.

And speaking of those who the public have seen fit not to endorse, did Mr. Livingstone not previously enjoy the support and benefits of the system for two terms?

That's despite not enjoying the academic advantages of, I don't know, Messrs Blair and Brown?

I know it's darn inconvenient when the people don't see the rectitude of a view, but abusing position and privilege in having access to such pages is insulting.

Fortunately, as Clark County and others such as Zoe on these pages have shown, telling people what to do is about as effective as slagging them off for not having the 'correct' point of view.

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