I'm all right, Jack

Gosh. I do love those who see fuel price as the simple solution to the transport impacts on emissions.

Talk about Newsnight

'On a lighter note, it is very cheering, with oil heading to $150+ a barrel to hear all those friends of TINA [There Is No Alternative to the car..] suddenly having to consider that, yes, they too may have to consider public transport.'

Yes, but do spare a thought for those, such as Mohawk52, not well served by reasonable or less easily defined alternative transport, especially in more rural areas, and on whose lives the impacts of such costs are rarely considered by those setting policy or coping with world events.

My Mum's carer needs to visit about 10 clients daily around South Herefordshire. On top of a not huge salary and various other 'hits' by those safe and sound in well-salaried, pensioned and travel-compensated situations, the costs of doing her job are sky-rocketing.

And I doubt she's in a position to swap her 10 year old 205 for a Prius to tick a few tax boxes any time soon either.

Things do need to change, but the full consequences must be carefully thought through beyond the Westminster, Fleet Street or Islington.

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