Gordon - The Tour

Apparently the PM is touring studios to tell us all why he is the best man to run the country.

I might suggest actually trying to do a bet job of running the country might be a better place to start. And, if and when successful, then find a wee moment to tell us about it.

At the moment, the serious contradictory evidence of our own eyes, ears and wallets would suggest he has chosen an odd moment to say all is well under his guidance.

Gaurdian - No loser - nor yet a winner

Er, did you listen to the same Dear Lead...er... Follower interview on 'Today' as I did?

If that's fighting, then lord help us if we ever get bytemeister-spun, meaningless number-crunching waffling from the bunker. And while comment is free, the sheer volume of deluded semi-house-endorsed commentary on these pages is getting beyond the admittedly entertaining joke it has been the last few weeks.

The sheer magnitude of his... their...your inability to comprehend what people can see with their own eyes and feel in their own wallets... that is so totally at odds with what he/they/you is/are spouting... is breathtaking.

He needs to stop telling us he's the right man for the job (cheered on by whatever remaining groupies there are who can score a column inch)... and get back to actually trying not to make a great clunking fist of almost every aspect of trying to do it.

Guardian - A draft to bank on - I know every paper has its leanings, but this lot have lost teh plot. I know they are read by few and think they speak for us all, but really...

'...there are two different broad sets of arguments about why I am completely wrong about everything...'

Actually, there may be, and rather proving my coming point, a few (I count myself as one), neither left nor right, who are simply desperate to get back to seeing this country run on any sensible basis by anyone competent, and of these, those who see public service as something that has impacts beyond political career or ratings-driven sound-bites, especially outside of the London-centric Exclusion Zone.

You know, where there is no public transport to get to work in less than a day, so £1.30 fuel does rather have an impact of paying the soaring utility bills, LA pension-hole rates, etc.

Indy - Dominic Lawson: He appears to have robotic self-discipline. But inside, Brown is a ferment of emotion

Indy - Sanity seems to have hit Gordon. The end is nigh

I will have to revisit my notions of what constitutes sanity.

But then the lunatics have been in charge of the asylum long enough maybe there has been a different measure, and I simply didn't notice.

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