Let me tell you what you think

An interesting insight into what can happen when some believe they know what's best (who for, is another matter):

Guardianistas upset by My Telegraph?

The only consolation is such attempts rarely work. Two words: Clarke County

John Rentoul: If Brown is slain by the press, who is its next prey?

What is it with 'the Press'?

Do you guys really think the people are incapable of thinking for themselves and need to be lectured on how 'we' are being led down the 'wrong' path by those others who 'you' view as having unacceptable viewpoints?

Such a tactic seldom works. At least when one goes from positive advocacy to negative derision... especially of the voters' own minds! Think Clarke County when a UK paper decided voters needed helping towards the course of electoral wisdom. Or the latest two outings here, assisted in no small measure by the likes of Jasmin AB and Polly T telling everyone they didn't know what they were thinking was wrong. Now this.

Even the positives can backfire, but can and should fail on the cack-handedness. For instance such as the the BBC-sponsored 'Brown fightback' is simply becoming silly in its naked hero-worship. As do pieces like these, which are simply offensive to those who have pride in our ability to make our own minds up.

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