Money Pits

An age-old problem

No, there is not 'too little', and therein lies a major part of the problem.

Recently I asked for a review of my Mum, who I care for at home.

Other than the appalling insensitive way in which the discussion was conducted by these so-called 'care professionals', I was intrigued as to why two (and neither a trainee) were deemed necessary: one to ask insensitive questions and one to write down the answers.

At least as a consequence I did get to drop her off at a local care facility for a few hours break. About 10 other senior folk... and at least four staff to attend to them.

It is worth asking where all this money goes and if it is best directed. I don't know about chaos, but simple cost-effectiveness and efficiency would be a good start.

And I'm sorry, but this obsession with means testing is at worst a mean-spirited obsession with ensuring a few well off don't benefit at the expense of those who could, or at best a job creation scheme for legions of box-tickers, just like Tax Credits.

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