If only God the gift he' gae us...

Some light-hearted fun on a Bank Holiday.

You gotta love those sassy New Yorkers.

In a piece about a rather fun art work that is a 'telescope' linking London with the Big Apple, sparkly BBC reporterette ponders what to write on her message board to hold up to our chums across the board.

'I know,' she gushes, coming up with the inspired (and not at all navel-gazing) notion that: 'all Americans love the BBC!' Which is what got duly presented to our transatlantic cousins.

Quick as a flash, she gets back: 'Only the comedies'.

To be fair, she ruefully acknowledged...'touche'. Actually, it was pretty funny.

I wonder what else from 'our' broadcaster's fine output did not seem as loved as she (and, one suspects, others in their ivory towers) fondly imagined might have been?

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