Making (Up) The News

Just typing away with BBC West Mids News playing on the screen PIP.

Apparently, the people of Ross on Wye are 'worried that they are going to be flooded' because work on a relief tunnel is delayed.

Interesting. I am looking, from my position at a low level in the town, at the works now.

No one asked me, and as far as I know there has been no mention in the local papers of much 'worry'.

Factually there is not much to dispute. The tunnel is there to alleviate flooding risks, which have happened in the past, and about which those affected have every reason to be concerned. Mind you with summer coing the risk is not as much, buy which time the dealy will have been made up.

I just can't quite figure out what the point of this piece, in this manner, was.

Actually, of more interest to me is whether the thing will work, is it value for money, what the reasons for the delay were and who is bearing the costs.

But all I garner is that folk like me, apparently, 'are worried'. Great reporting.

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