Seems like I am not the only one

Actually, the email I got was headed 'Dragon Doug Richard Says Business Support Is 'Confusing And Out Of Control', which I agree with, but goes on to read thus:

Dragons’ Den Entrepreneur Doug Richard Wants To Replace Business Link

Which I am not sure I do, even if, as with so many things, it would be at all practical even if there was the will. Too many folk with too many fingers in too many pies!

But, for sure, from personal experience, the system needs a kick in the pants to actually deliver end-benefits where they are going to do the most good, and not just a nice little number for endless £500 a day consultants to tick some boxes for a load more empire-squatting munchkins to review and send up to the EU masters... all on the public purse.

Growing Business - Putting the dragon among the pigeons

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