SOSO... what?

What depresses, but does not surprise, is the collection of 'moving on' attempts I am now seeing.

Slightly more surprising is the motley collection of individuals who see themselves, and whose party evidently sees as being the best embodiment of this culture.

Er, no.

It minds me of a comedy skit (I wish I could remember which), where a confused punter is confronted by an ever-rotating collection of service representatives at the counter, who are in fact always clearly the same person. And saying the same, nonsensical thing over and over, if in different ways, as if that will satisfy.

What is worst in all this, are how many in the MSM now seem to feel this is fine, as the circus simply moves on.

I watched on SKY as the genuineness of the PM's smirk was shuttled too and fro in the edit suite several times to assess, and his 'performance', and that of others, rated by a self-satisfied collection of WUVI's, as if what they saw and now think has any bearing on what the rest of us can see and still think.

High on my list is that actions count, and a lot more from the past will need even more from the future, and changing the drapes in a house of ill repute doesn't make the professional practices within any different.

Try again guys. It ain't washing in Worcester yet.


Anrew Marr Show - Not featured. I suspect that it does not equate to their Plan B scenario,

Charles Kennedy 'hopes' there is is nothing in his expenses file that might be embarrassing, at best. After all that has gone down, if such as an ex-leader of a party doesn't know by now, the competency of the House members to judge much of anything be a worry.

I am still intrigued, bearing all that has gone before, that the overseer of MPs would still get chosen by them, and only them, as if the much touted secret ballot makes much difference.

Speaking of which, as it is evidently a role more important than I had before appreciated, I rather fancy now having more of a say, as the connect, or lack of, between the House of 'don't get its' and the public they are meant to serve, is so vast.

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