Responsibility and accountability

Watching the Andrew Marr Show, with various new mea-culpa'd types putting out their stalls.

Other than Mariella Frostrup, rather missing the mood making a point on missing the public mood referring to an eco-issue by when she was diving in Honduras.

And it allowed me to distill a few thoughts about the sheer rottenness of 'the system'.

Labour MP Kate Hoey made a heck of a lot of sense and resonated with my views... mostly.

As did Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

However, while the former spoke to me, and indeed for me on MP expenses, the EU and the Taliban, I have never heard such tripe about the UN and the situation on Sri Lanka. Talk about naive, with a misplaced faith in an entity that makes the EU seems well-run. A blissfully glossed over fact which rather put the previous common sense comments on Parliamentary reform in another context.

Who do I vote for, when mandates are claimed when I patently don't agree with some pretty major aspects. Will I also have to comprise and prioritise just to afford my proxy to someone.

ps: on The Speaker, while the next, secret vote selection is a step forward might be 'better', in light of events as a voting individual I am not convinced, as it is obvious that even the most egregious abuses still see the perpetrators changing their own system. Not good enough.

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