One law for them...

Putting aside violence, I'd presume that most times the law gets involved is when money ends up in pockets it shouldn't for reasons that are not acceptable.

Until now, I have not been aware that 'putting it back' was deemed a solution smiled upon by the authorities, or society, in the much-loved manner of 'putting it all behind us'.

I regret to inform the deluded ones that this will not 'regain my trust' in any way.

And trying to pool guilt ain't going to do it for me either, so apologists from all sides trotted out still trying to peddle the 'we need to change the system' as an attempted 'solution' to a stupid, spun distraction that is their preferred notion of the 'real problem' are merely tarring themselves with their more venal colleagues' brushes. It fools no one.

Apologies not enough. Actions not words. And MPs being dealt with in the same way as the public upon whom they have imposed, so poorly, for so long. End the hypocrisy.

Yet to discuss this on BBC Breakfast with the bouffant and brunette £XXXkgrand inquisitors ("Sorry, I misread what I was told to say") we get... Kevin Maguire? Again. And by way of 'balance'... Andrew Pierce. Again.

With great power comes great responsibility (hat tip: Stan Lee). And with those, above all, comes accountability. Why, at the moment, when one asks 'who is in charge here?' (and has been for over a decade -where's Al Haig when you need him?), do I suspect a sets of digits, and a few stumpy ones, will suddenly mutely point in every direction save one.

Campaign - Channel 4 staff attacked for "grossly excessive" pay

Market rate talent requiring public subsidy as the money model doesn't add up. Interesting.
And I do rather think that pointing wherever else possible in comparison in a 'two wrongs make a god given right' isn't working too well at the moment in the public domain

Telegraph - If it were you, could you get away with an 'oops!' and a cheque?

I like precedents.

When I accidentally cancel my TV licence DD and then forget to stump up the chekky, despite all those polite reminders, I'm guessing I can take it to the wire and then... ta-da!

Or, am I likely to be a tad less unique in the official sympathies to my funding arrangements than others?

Over to the £92-grand inquisitors at Aunty, who are asking all the tough questions on our behalves currently. Sometimes.

But at least there's new legal defence precedent for the land... 'Feeling terrible' about 'mistakes'. It has support in some media. And may gain ground. I await the next demand for payment for unique services rendered that I may get (even if they are not to a standard I find acceptable and indeed are contractually specified) from various 'suppliers'.

A capita idea?

Or... Report tax evasion

"Two Peers found to have abused their position"

I am a little intrigued that in the news broadcast during the Jeremy 'let's stir the country into a rabid froth over nothing by getting on two loons to discuss a stupid PR punt, and then let the dogs of the switchboard loose' Vine Show how the two Lord's punishment was viewed by the house and hence reported.

Let me get this straight... you take a bung to rig the law and you get suspended for 6 months... and then what? Welcome back to the House Partay! (on ex's no doubt).

Yes there was an inappropriately forgetful Conservative couple, a distraught Labour ex-Cabinet Minister (certainly mentioned) as well, but two Lords a rigging don't even get fired on the spot????! Or the odd comment gets made on that odd discrepancy?

Mind you, on the Steve Wright Show it has just been mentioned someone bought Kevin Spacey a Lordship, so the exchange of cash in this arena is certainly thriving.

Why would anyone want to become an MP? - A voice from within laments. Sadly, I think, like many, by be too close, and too cerebral, he miss the mood, and a key point.

I couldn't agree more about the perils of mass tarring by broad brushes.


Who got 'us' to a point where those who we give our proxy to govern are seen not as individuals, but merely, at best, drones in the hive?

I have no sense any more my MP does anything he was voted in to do through his own mind.

Hence it is little wonder that I might be tempted to include him, unfairly or not, with the actions of colleagues it seems he has at been woefully oblivious about until now.

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