Peter's Pixel Protest

Enough, is enough

Parliament's reputation brought low

I am sorry it is on this blog, discredited as it is, but it has the widest audience.

Just heard on The Andrew Marr comfy sofa show a nifty notion, and that was a quiet, dignified protest by the people of the country to show these venal sharks and their media WUVI-supporters just what we think of them.

All I ask is it is not decided to be some silly all-points descent on London, as this would be a public order nightmare, unfair on the capital and require a ton of folk to use cash and carbon to get there.

I’d suggest a minute of silence for our country’s kids’ lost futures, in designated local town squares nationwide at a suitable lunchtime period that does not interfere with trying to survive and play into the hands of funded extremists without jobs to worry about.

All coordinated online and with images in a patchwork quilt in some kind of Pixel Protest like those ad spaces, in the manner of a FaceBook group. I am sure even the local plod could provide halfway accurate crowd size estimates for once.

And if the numbers add up to what… more than half the voting population who turned out at the last election, then I think it would be valid that a new one be called forthwith.

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