I say, I say, I say

BBC's HYS is one of the more discredited 'we're listening' outposts of the government/MSM establishment.

And that is saying something

It goes up, and down, with monotonous regularity, but always rather suspiciously when the narrative seems to be erring on curiously inconvenient emerging truths...

Fixing the Have Your Say fault

'...for the BBC it is a highly valued way to listen to what matters to our audience and to find out what they are thinking about key stories, which we then feed into our journalism.

...we will still offer an opportunity for you to Have Your Say on one or two of the big stories of the day. You'll be able to email in your views and experiences on those subjects and the HYS moderators will publish a selection of them.... But we hope that it will provide you with a least a flavour of what everyone is thinking...

Bless. I'll have to add 'a flavour of what everyone is thinking' to 'enhancing the narrative', 'interpreting events' and other gems.

dotconnect wrote: Have your engineers considered the possibility that an overdose of bile had clogged up the system?

That'll be it.

Also worth checking the one way/non return valves.

Feel the love. Only.

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