I cannot tell a lie: it was them...er...us... but not me

It seems fairly well established that our in theory independently-minded political representatives pretty much do and/or say what they are told these days.

And those actions or words seem governed by systems of research and response based on surveys and polls and focus groups.

So we have a Parliament of clones controlled by robots.

I just saw Liam Fox on the BBC waffling on the various 'system is wrong', 'rules were not broken' mantras, instead of having a personal opinion and making clear he knows right from wrong, and that collective mea culpas do not erase individual accountability, so it's pretty cross-party. No idea where the Lib Dems are in all this. I guess they get their day in the sun tomorrow.

And I could also care less about apologies. Still, after trotting out a few for all the value they have, it's nice to see a green Mr. Cameron advocating reuse. Before leaping in his Prius this morning, he must have used President Obama's genius rallying cry 'Change' about twenty times. Of course, saying it doesn't mean it happens, or it ends up with anything better. But then, that is not the point these days , is it?

These are clear factual abuses, that for anyone else would lead to immediate legal process. Yet those geniuses at Labour see merit in telling their colleagues that they have done nothing wrong. Read the public mood doods!

And the solution I am now hearing about? Using vast amounts more of taxpayers money to bring in a commission or something to oversee the thing. Which, on past evidence, seems to be shorthand for public-funded cover-up. And already there seems to be mention that 'trivia' such as the damning details won't be in there in the new system.

My only concern is that if and when there are some resignations/sackings this will in fact be seen to clear the slate, which in essence it will.

That means the guilty will be allowed to quietly get away with their abuses. And those who step into their shoes will be unjustly punished for the predecessors actions.

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