Comment is free, until...

I was going to headline this 'Keep on digging', but actually it's all about stopping.

The Prime Minister yesterday decided to use the comfort zone of a low circulation broadsheet to share his latest 'vision'. We are about to take the war against terror to a new level

Sadly, it did not go quite as expected. Almost no one from what might be assumed to be a more receptive audience has responded very well.

I only share this by a rather odd response by the Guardian, with a cheery message from the 'CommunityMod': 'Please note, this thread will shortly be closing for the night. Thank you for your interest.'... Comments are now closed for this entry.

Not sure that worked out as well as it might, either: Amazing the number of threads in which the government and New Labour stooges get a right royal pasting which are then closed early. Wonder why that is?

is it usual for threads to be closed for the night? or only when the pm is getting his ass kicked black and blue? just asking...

I also liked this:


Says it all Gordie.

Comment may be free, but it seems only as long as those who control the medium are happy to allow the chips to fall where they may. Funny how 'liberal' media such as the Grauniad and the BBC seem prone to pulling things when the public don't cooperate.

Speaking of capturing moods... Gordon Brown strikes a false note on Jade Goody


BBC - PM leads tributes to Jade Goody - I thought he might have called her Jane Tweed based on his deep interest and awareness of the whole tragic tale.

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