Hey, let's annoy 50% of the population

I do so only in affectionate jest...

Want a job done well? Ask an older woman

I am not sure this - '...a 66-year-old Prime Minister of Iceland, or at least what's left of it' -quite endorses the spirit of the headline.

However, I am sure we have much to look forward to as Jackie, Hazel, Harriet, Margaret et al... um... mature.

Addendum -

Hmmn. I seem to either have been banned from the Torygraph comments section, or have failed to understand how it works...

Patronising Harriet Harman's gaffe on black, disabled people

All will be well soon, when she, and a few others (Jaquie, Hazel, Margaret (not that one, natch), etc) have been allowed to 'mature' a little:


Though I am not sure that citing the PM of Iceland, especially with the qualifier the author herself introduces, is necessarily a great endorsement.

Things seem to be working out sooo well under the boxtickocracy currently in vogue.

Maybe... I don't know... just ensure negative discrimination is dealt with harshly and let talent flourish where it is encouraged, regardless of an PC targets?

I just had real fun with a town hall munchkin that, as far as I was concerned, Pink Jedi was entirely acceptable as race an religion in my book.

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