You put the right story in, the left story out...

... you do the hokey-cokey, what's that all about?

This morning I noted a story on the Newsnight blog.

A bit political, so I shared it with a few folk on a political blog.

Then I went back to check... and it had 'gone'.

Now, as the BBC have more than a little form in this area, I am less inclined to think I dreamt it up, and indeed feel the need to make some kind of record (including page catures) lest I be accused of fibbing.

Here's what I wrote to them....

Speaking of Michael Crick's 'Top Story' (Here's Michael Crick with details of tonight's top story - Not, I suspect 'Anorak's Corner from Friday 23rd Jan), is it linking to the right one?

And I could have sworn he had the latest slot in this blog roll this morning with this:

Spelman Decision Soon?

But now it seems to have gone, not just from here, but his own page too.

Which may explain the odd linking, but otherwise has me a tad confused.

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