Finding offence wherever, and whenever one can

I think it's entirely reasonable that the BBC covers the latest Royal faux pas; it's not like the rest of the media mob didn't and are not having a lovely ratings-driving bathe in it all.

However, have abseiled down into gutter trawling tabloid territory it seems they are trying to see them and lower them one better.

Because, having heard that the actual person/victim referred to didn't/doesn't seem much bothered about some rough-house badinage (no excuse here - the silly royal sod recorded it and I cannot believe that he is not yet wise to his being held to more scrutiny and a higher standard, so 'D'uh), I am intrigued as to what lead to our national broadcaster to be moved to locating an 'uncle' somewhere to get the requisite 'I'm offended' racial outrage.

On a related topic, I do believe Andrew Lloyd Webber is teaming up with some mid-level fundamentalist religious 'community leaders' we've never heard of, across several 'faiths', to run 'Martyr Idol'. Basically you go out to get offended by whatever you can, and then see how much damage your supporters can do getting upset on your behalf by the power of your heartfelt affront, and then number of media luvvies you can get to enlist.

It was to have been hosted by Graham Norton, but for some reason he was dropped as some judges voiced concerns... er, that.. he may not confer on it the gravitas required.

However, most other BBC employees in the public eye would doubtless be viewed as just fine at whipping up the audiences in a manner satisfactory to most agendas.

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