Spring Cleaning

Time to rethink the blogging.

Junkk is still well worth it, as relationships can get established that drive the site, and its missions, well.

This one... not so much. Though actually I think I will retain it as a 'release valve'.

But I have found I spend a wee bit too much time on other sites, and their value, and certainly the value to me or my causes, is hardly worth the effort of engaging.

It is a pity, as many, if not most can offer a wealth of valuable opinion and onward information, but the ratio of trolls and other negative influences make even the time invested in reading hardly worth it. As to go so far as engaging, the replies can now be less than pleasant, and almost designed to threaten or inhibit dialogue.

It was, and is, interfering with my work, and indeed mood. So time to haul back.

I doubt my absence will be noted, and hence missed. Too many too invested in pushing their prejudices I fear.

But maybe a chance for me to get back to what's a bit more urgent , and important in these crunchier times. I just wonder if that doesn't rather play into the hands of those who would prefer the more moderate aspects of the Internet didn't prove quiet so effective at finding things out, being told stuff and interacting. Making a venue an unpleasant place to be is a very good way of driving away custom, no matter how good it is intended to be.

Ah well.

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