Of the people, by the people....

A couple of comments on the Newsnight blog have prompted me to re-engage, if not too supportively...

How much is she (Kirtsy Wark) paid - again?

As we are dealing, again, in class (nominally), it's apparently lacking it, and certainly bad form, to pose such questions to those in the 'Bubble Class' (I made that up... basically the West London/Islington/Westminster politico-media Triangle, with a few, actually a heck of a lot, of offshoots that snake Northwards, by weekly shuttle).

Just ask one P. Mandelson who, according to his reply on SKY this morning 'doesn't read the Daily Mail'. Well, not when it doesn't suit, maybe.

Me, getting back to Aunty's finest, I am simply still getting to grips with the notion of the nighttime floodlight system... for the tennis court... at the overseas villa.

We are truly represented by those who can empathise.

The BBC sometimes seems to take impartiality to an absurdly anarchistic extreme in that if someone asserts a view, the dialectically opposed view must also be heard.

Couldn't agree more, though I may quibble with 'sometimes'.

The Newsnight twofer, combined with the calibre of moderator and the malign editorial umbrella agenda, makes these things hardly worth paying attention to.

Certainly reasoned debate with information and education at its core is suborned at the altar of ratings and sound bites. Plus a few career-enhancing oar stick and stirs by the 'star' to keep things 'sparkly'.

Very few things are black or white. Maybe it is possible to enjoy something that spans the massive views and opportunities inbetween whilst still being as 'colourful' as their market rate broadcast salary targets demand.

Worth a try?

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