Objectivity, RIP

I am beginning (nah...scratch that. I have long since given up any hope) to despair that any 'news' organisation in this country might simply stick to reporting without injecting all sorts of bizarre analysis and opinion that renders anything shared pretty much tainted.

From crafting the carefully-selected images and 'thoughts' of various folk (celebs to heart-wrenching civilian victims) that can mean as much or as little as the edit suite can inject, to spinning off on odd constructs as 'proportionality'... in a shooting war. Or missing the irony of having a hissy fit at not being allowed in certain places because when they are some tend to tell the enemy what's going on.

Mind you, they are all at it. I think I heard Eammon Holmes on SKY News this morning suggest to a representative of the Israeli people that 'no one likes you'.

I have written to ask the basis for the presumption behind this statement, especially on my behalf as I don't recall being asked, and the station's views on how appropriate such statements from a news anchor are.

Sadly, having tried the same with my national broadcaster following similar all-inclusive sweeping statements projecting an employee's personal views onto the nation as a whole, the results have been less than satisfactory.

I want reporting, not opinion. I want fact not claim. And I want balance of reality and not a script according to a narrative.

And if I can't have that, I really don't see why I should have to pay for it. SKY at least are now aware that their viewing figures (by one) depend on the reasonableness of their reply.

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