Synonyms of Omission

Inspired by a keen-eyed poster on a site who made the point that - in the first example below - 'Demand' and 'Urge' are not synonyms, I have decided to create this little evolving list.

A pity, if no surprise, that it is kicked off by the BBC.

The disconnect between headlines, subheads, first paras, subsequent paras and what is said/written and what some would wish should be said/written (especially pertinent online in a time poor, eye-skimming age) is getting to be a bad joke.

Examples like this are not just sloppy. When in headline especially, they are either by accident or design changing, and hence misrepresenting the whole communication.

And hence are plain wrong.

Such examples should be logged and archived.

I have suggested, and start here 'Synonyms of Omission'

Though admitedly this might not adequately cover the egregious effect of not just leaving out something crucial, but going so far as to totally change everything.

H/L: UN demands flow of goods to Gaza
Para 1: UN humanitarian chief John Holmes has urged Israel to fully open all crossings with Gaza to allow a free flow of goods.

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