At a time when it is easy to think you cannot make a difference.

The Tiananmen Square tank man: full video

In a world of stage-managed hype and spin and edit-suite contrived spectacle, this is a beacon of inspiration for the triumph of courage and the human spirit in the face of massive odds.

It is bookmarked to remind me that one person can make a huge difference and, if you believe it is worth doing and your cause is just, it is always worth standing up and making a protest.

That it was so passive, so peaceful, and so effective, is poetry.

That we do not know who this man is and what his fate might have been is awful, and that it may not have been a good one a tragedy but, perversely, if it were the power of his actions would probably be sullied by the media 'systems' of today.

A timeless unknown hero.

But I always spare a thought for the driver and/or commander who did not simply run him down.

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