When in doubt, play the person

And make sure your have a referee that is 'selective'.

Watched the Sunday Andrew Marr Show.

A very able substitute interviewer in Stephanie Flanders, though I did feel she softened a tad for her last guest (ms. Harperson). Sisterhood? As I have heard this 'if all else fails' strategy trotted out by Labour ad nauseam, and unclarified/checked by some who sit across from their spokespersons, is it really true that the Opposition is spending all its time 'arrogantly' claiming the election is in the bag. If so it would indeed by unwise, but I cannot recall personally having heard any such thing. The Conservatives can hardly be blamed for the claims of the media about them, much as some in the media might see merit in allowing a very tired Government to try and spin things this way.

Telegraph - Pandora's outbox: good luck burying bad news in the Internet age

Here was me thinking it was going to be a more political commentary in nature.
And I was going to challenge it.
Because, with a few notable exceptions, the Westminster brigade do a pretty good job of ensuring that what the MSM covers on TV and in print seldom comes close to what actually seems to surface and simmer a while in the blogosphere.
For instance, Ms. Harman is doing the rounds of the BBC claiming the Tories are crowing they have the next election in the bag, when I have heard no such thing (dumb if they did). Oddly, to date no interviewer seems to have been as rigourous as some out there in the ether in asking where they might see evidence of this.
As to this, I’d hardly put it under ‘burying bad news’. It’s more a caution on having odd reporting standards, poor editorial check and balance systems and how not to handle the PR crisis management of a cock-up subsequently.
Burying bad news is a whole new level of cynical news management and, sadly, too many are still getting away with it… or being allowed to by a way too comfy selection of lazy media types who seem to think they are an ‘elite’ by having access, in turn granted only by the audience their employers provide those with a story to spin (or hide).

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