Ordinary Joe vs. the volcano

Following on form the last post on competence over perception.

Totnes Primary: now, how big is Sarah Wollaston's house?

It’s simply a fact of life, as there seems no ‘better’ way: the gatekeepers control the game because they own the pitch and the ball.

The players my change a tad, and the scores may vary, but running the game and its rewards is still theirs.

It’s true from anything from local awards juries to debating panel selections… to how ‘we’ get to ‘choose’ our leaders.

But, I have to say, this seems a tad better than before, and hence a direction to be applauded and supported.

If only for this: ‘…The career politicians out there should take note.’

And I could give a rat’s pitootie for what an MP’s house size is so long as they are paying for it honestly whilst doing the job they are meant to do, and well.

WUVI-journos, of all hues, take note.

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