Slap on the wrist... compo!

Baby P social workers retain pay, perks and pensions

I call it the '5p' (power/pay/perks/punditry/pension) gravy train (7 if you add 'partisan protection' in the case of a major ranks closing).

And I don't give a flying fig what happens in the private sector; I am not paying for it. Or, if I am, I'll set about correcting it, with some chance of it happening.

I'm suprised they aren't going for compo due to 'hurt feelings' for this figurative wrist slap.

Gaurdian - Our empty outrage over Baby P As we behead the culprits at Haringey council, do we stop to consider who will replace them?

I rather hope so. And this time ensure they do a competent job.

Failing which, maybe it would be time to look at those who hire the managers.

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