The haves, and the have to earn a livings

As I watch the morning news, I am struck by a worrying imbalance.

And this is the sheer number of folk, from the public sector, quangos, 'not for profits', charities... and the media... all of whom are paid, and often paid well, pontificating about how those no so blessed as they should spend their money or behave.

It really seems a bit of a cheek in many cases to be doing so, without much concern for the consequences on paying mortgage, utility bills, fees (and fines).

I see a breaking point fast approaching. As I bang on on Junkk Male RE:view about growing populations and finite planet areas to sustain them, this is even worse.

As more and more move from productive, income-generating work to whatever the heck it is most of these parasites do, there will become a tipping point where the bean-makers can't sustain themselves and the new legions of bean-counters, commenters, etc, and all will starve.

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