Gaurdian 'journalist' has problem with bloggers scooping stories they'd rather keep quiet shock

Analysis of a storm in a teacup

'...really useful public service journalism on the net.'

I'd love a definition of that, as I rather suspect there's the 'I work for the MSM and hence get to tell you what I think you need to know, and in a way that helps you think the 'correct' way' notion, espoused by some not too far away from here and their 'narrative enhancing', 'events interpreting' mates, and the few left... oddly mostly bloggers... who seem to report facts, usually check them, and then let these, supported by clear links (and, as in this case) be the story. Mr. Draper is rather 'involved' in a fair bit of political activity, connected at senior level, is he not? I found this story rather interesting, am glad it was raised and credit those who did. As do most who read such things online, from what I can see. Hence the few sniffy dissenting views are more than interesting by being so out of step.

But, and I look in the mirror as I write this, there may be some merit in the whole 'pot/kettle' thing in having concerns with one writer plying their trade by mainly dissing another. But I think that ship has sailed.

How did that slagging off the Sun guy's story from Israel pan out anyway?

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